Leaving home and moving into a shared house is a natural step for many young people. But for one group of extraordinary women living at SeeAbility’s service in Kent, it’s a move towards independence that’s taken specialist support and a lot of courage to achieve.

For Charlotte, sharing a house with her friends, who all have learning disabilities and sight loss, was a particular ambition.

"We were a close group at college and did lots together,’ says Charlotte. ‘I love living here but I do think I have the most untidy bedroom!"

The ladies at Maidstone talking outside in their garden

SeeAbility’s trained support staff and charitably funded specialist rehabilitation workers, have supported Charlotte to fulfil another of her key ambitions. They have enabled her to gain the courage and skills to make the journey to her volunteer position at a children’s special school, something she has always wanted to do.

Since the school is on the other side of Kent, the SeeAbility teams worked with Charlotte to build the confidence and experience she needed to travel the two-hour journey alone. Every Wednesday she is up at 6 am to get her first bus at 7.20 am.

She says: "If anyone had said a year ago I’d be able to take two buses and a train on my own I would have laughed."

"It’s been really hard, and scary, but I’m so proud of myself."

"One day I would like to work in a special school and to move into my own flat. That’s my ambition; it’s an exciting idea but a bit overwhelming at the moment, too."

With the help of SeeAbility’s dedicated teams, young women like Charlotte are able to live their dreams and build up their confidence to lead happy and independent lives. Please donate to help us provide these life-changing services.

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