In January 2019, our colleague Scott Watkin took up a new role as Head of Engagement at SeeAbility. Many people will know Scott as a leading campaigner who was awarded the British Empire Medal for his tireless work in the disability community.

Scott will be building the skills and confidence of people we support so that they can have their voice heard and influence how things are done at SeeAbility and in the wider world.

Over the last 4 months, Scott has been co-producing an Engagement Plan with colleagues, external influencers, people we support and SeeAbility’s Taking Control group, which meets every quarter to discuss the ways that support could be improved. Through these regular meetings, the group has empowered the people to have real choice and control over what is important to them.

Scott says:

At SeeAbility, we want to create a power shift where the people we support are able to influence every aspect of their lives - not just the way they’re supported on a daily basis.

At the heart of the Engagement Plan is an Associates Group who will meet once a month to talk about key issues. We will be offering training in public speaking and political campaigning and at the end of the year, anyone in the group can apply to become an ‘Influencer’ for SeeAbility, which is a new paid role we are creating. The role will involve networking, speaking out and campaigning nationally for change.

SeeAbility is taking a lead on empowering the people we support to have a bigger voice and be influencers in their communities. It's part of our vision of a more inclusive society where everyone has the chance to participate equally and create change.

If your family member would like to get involved and needs more information or to discuss support, please contact Scott Watkin at [email protected] or Lesley Brown at [email protected]