Work and volunteering

Work can be something you do for others, or it can be something you do for yourself. We all have our own definition of work - for you it might be studying, earning money or looking after your family. However you define it, work and volunteering, helps create a sense of purpose in our lives.

It can help us feel confident, meet people outside of our usual network and get to know ourselves better. Many of us spend a lot of time ‘at work’, so feeling that we have a good balance and time to do other things is important for our mental health.

Answer the questions below to help you identify how you’re feeling about your work or volunteering.

Conversation 1: Live

  1. Are you working as much or little as you would like?
  2. What do you enjoy about the work or volunteering you do, or have done in the past?
  3. How do you feel while working or volunteering?

We'll add to these questions with more when we start our next conversation all about belonging in your community, from October 2021.

Top tip

There are different reasons we might feel unhappy with our work life. These include our environment, the atmosphere where we work, the amount of responsibility we have, whether the work we do matches our interests and personality, our co-workers, and if they share similar goals and find similar things important.

Which of these matters the most to you? Think about what’s going really well, and what might need more improvement.

Top tip

Imagine what a perfect day at work would look like. What are you doing, who are you with, where are you, what’s around you? For every answer, ask yourself: ‘What’s important about that?’ You might be surprised at the things you identify as important!

They might be: learning, mentoring, feeling connected, having creativity in your job or responsibility. You might call these your ‘values’. How can you do more of the things that you value?

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