Rest and relaxation

Life can be difficult and it’s easy to take for granted how important rest and relaxation are to help us cope with challenges. When we have energy, we are more motivated. When we’re relaxed we can think more clearly and be more productive.

Getting enough sleep has a positive impact on your physical and mental health. It’s important to make sure you’re giving both your mind and body enough rest and time to reset after a big day.

Answer the questions below to help you think about the quality of your rest and relaxation.

Conversation 1: Live

  1. Do you find relaxing difficult?
  2. Are you getting enough sleep?
  3. How can you improve the quality of your rest and sleep?

We'll add to these questions with more when we start our next conversation all about belonging in your community, from October 2021.

Top tip

A great way to work out what helps you relax is to think of an activity that’s the opposite of what you do normally in your day. If your day is full of rushing around, you might find lying down relaxing. If you're normally around lots of other people, you might prefer relaxing alone.

Or if you spend most of your day alone, you might find joining a club and socialising is what helps you wind down. Once you’ve worked out what helps you relax, make sure you do it!

Top tip

Is your mind over-stimulated? Even if you know what you find relaxing, do you still find it difficult to actually switch off? Doing one minute of deep breathing exercises can help you feel grounded and relieve worries and stress.

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