Our homes provide shelter, they can make us feel safe and comfortable. ‘Home’ to you might be the place you live, or you might see lots of places as your home - like the library, park or your favourite shop. For most, home is the place where you have a feeling of belonging. 

Feeling satisfied with where we live is important when it comes to living the life you want to live. Answer the questions below to help you think about how you feel about your home and your environment.

Conversation 1: Live

  1. How does your home make you feel?
  2. Does your home have everything you need?
  3. Is there one thing that could help you feel happier in your home?

We'll add to these questions with more when we start our next conversation all about belonging in your community, from October 2021.

Top tip 

Think about your local area and make a list of pros and cons. Do you know your neighbours? Are you near a green space? Do you have a favourite place to visit? What’s convenient about where you live? If there are more bad things than good, is there anything you can do to change it?

Top tip

If there’s something about where you live that makes you unhappy, it can be easy to focus on this and forget about what you like. What works well for you? Have you created good memories whilst living there? When we appreciate the positive things about our home, we can take a balanced approach to what we’d like to change.

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