Confidence is about feeling positive. When we’re feeling confident about doing something, we all find it much easier to get on and do it, rather than keeping putting it off. It’s normal to feel nervous about doing something you haven’t done before or that you haven’t mastered yet. The good news is that confidence is something that can be learnt and it keeps growing the more you practice and believe in yourself and your abilities. 

Feeling confident is important for you to live a good life. Look at the questions below to help you think about how confident you’re feeling.

Conversation 1: Live

  1. What things are you good at doing?
  2. Do you believe you’re able to achieve the things you want to do?
  3. Do you often feel nervous or worried about doing things?

We'll add to these questions with more when we start our next conversation all about belonging in your community, from October 2021.

Top tip

Keeping track and regularly writing a list of your achievements can help you feel more confident. We all achieve things all the time, but we tend not to notice them. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small!

Top tip

Think back to the things you learnt when you were younger. What did you find tricky to start with, but are now able to do without thinking? Developing skills can take time, but the more you practice, the easier it starts to feel.

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