People we support and staff have always been creative in order to stay healthy and keep connected with loved ones. Here we’re sharing positivity and happiness to light up the difficult times.

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Positive news

Read some inspiring stories from our homes on how we're keeping well, staying connected, continuing to do the things we normally would (but in a different way!) and how we're looking out for one another.

Read some positive news stories from around the world we've spotted to bring you a smile.

A poster created by Ian and Julie to remind everyone to stay positive

'Coping through COVID-19' blog from the perspective of people with disabilities

Emily, Greg, Grace and Gabby explain what the coronavirus lockdown means to them and how they live their lives. They all have lived experiences of disability and want to reach out to show solidarity and provide some tips on getting through life in lockdown. Read the Coping Through COVID-19 blog

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We have all found the isolation of lockdown challenging, but for some people with learning disabilities the isolation is nothing new. If you’d like to support our work to reduce isolation, please consider donating

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