What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

The term Assistive Technology (AT) describes a range of devices that help people do things they usually have difficulty with. It is important to consult an AT specialist to help you make an informed decision about any equipment that may be needed.

Our team works with each person and their support teams to actively indentify opportunities for them to become more independent through the use of technology,


Who uses it?

Children and adults who find completing everyday tasks difficult because of a disability, frailty, or illness. In our services, we use AT to support people with sight loss and multiple disabilities. Take Mark from our Meadowmead Support Service (pictured above), who uses AT to make his own cups of tea — often many a day!

It's important to remember no two people have the same needs. AT complements the person's abilities, whatever they are, to compensate for any difficulties. Often all that is required is a simple solution to achieve the outcome the person wants.


What are some examples of equipment that SeeAbility use?

We believe that AT equipment can bring huge benefits to people with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. SeeAbility has a library of equipment that includes mounted iPads/tablets and Eye Gaze software, but we also offer:

Kitchen equipment: liquid level indicators, talking scales, accessibility switches and mains control devices to operate simple appliances, talking and easy to see microwaves, height adjustable work surfaces and sinks.

Bathroom equipment: such as extended tap handles, talking bathroom scales, wheelchair accessible weighing scales, portable and ceiling mounted hoists.

Personal equipment: accessibility switches and mains control devices, easy to see and switch accessible remote controls for TV’s, input devices for personal computers and mobile devices (tablets and phones), leisure and sensory equipment, simple messaging devices and memory aids.

Environmental equipment: powered doors, automatic door openers, switch accessible and automatic window openers, personal alert systems, keyless door entry systems.


Tell me about SeeAbility's AT service!

SeeAbility offers the following services for people with sight loss and multiple disabilities:

  • Assessment — an audit of the person's environment to ensure they are aware of the potential advantages of using AT equipment to increase independence, choice and participation, and to minimise risk.
  • Information and advice
  • Loan of equipment (for those already receiving a service from SeeAbility)
  • Support with learning how to use AT equipment

We also offer bespoke consultancy, and workshops and presentations. These are aimed at increasing the awareness of support staff teams, commissioners and health care workers of the importance of AT and the role it can play in the life of people with sight loss and multiple disabilities. These courses can be delivered at a time and location to suit you and are all individually priced to include trainer fees, handouts and travel costs.

Click here! 

Don't worry, that isn't a link. SeeAbility's Click Here! events are person-centred and interactive, aimed at introducing AT to audiences of people with sight loss and multiple disabilities, and their carers. The events provide an opportunity for people to explore and discover a wide range of equipment and technologies — from low tech to high tech — in a fun and informative way. 

SeeAbility Click here! event in Winchester

Fundraised income

Our team is entirely funded by voluntary income, and any donations you can give will dramatically improve the lives of the people we support.