Training and Consultancy services

SeeAbility specialises in developing and delivering training, consultancy and information resources about eye care and vision for people who have learning disabilities across the UK. 

Our advisory services team have a successful track record of working in partnership with people with learning disabilities, their families and support providers, including health and social care professionals. We also work with eye health and sight loss professionals to support them to deliver excellent services to people with learning disabilities. 

We have a range of courses on offer about eye care, sight loss, learning disability and Makaton. We can also create bespoke training specific to your needs for the following audiences:

  • People who have a learning disability
  • Support staff
  • Parents and carers
  • Health, social care and education professionals
  • Optometrists and eye clinic staff
  • Rehabilitation workers for the visually impaired

We also welcome invitations to speak, exhibit or contribute to conferences or events in the health and social care field.

Our courses can be delivered at a time and location to suit you and are all individually priced to include trainer fees, handouts and travel costs.

For more information please visit the training section of our website.


The consultancy services described below are bespoke and priced upon request.


Adults with learning disabilities are ten times more likely to have serious sight problems than other people yet are least likely to get the support they need to manage their sight problem.

Our team of trained Rehabilitation Workers for the Visually Impaired are able to provide the support and knowledge that people with learning disabilities need if they are to maintain their independence and participation in their community and home life.

The team is skilled in:

HabilitationSupporting people with lifelong sight loss and learning disabilities to develop and maintain skills of independence, participation and involvement around their home and community.

Rehabilitation and enablement - Supporting people with learning disabilities who experience sight loss in childhood, adulthood or later life to adapt their skills to maintain their independence and participation in their community. 

The team can offer the following:

Person-centred assessments - We provide rehabilitation or habilitation assessments for people who have lifelong or acquired sight loss and additional or multiple disabilities. Assessments are carried out by our qualified specialist rehabilitation workers who meet with the person and their supporters.

Each assessment will be undertaken using specialised rehabilitation tools and when necessary, supported by other members of our specialist support team to take into account the person’s communication or assistive technology needs.

Functional Vision Assessments (FVA) - Functional vision describes how we use our vision to carry out our usual activities. Many people who have learning disabilities have sight problems and this means that very often their supporters are not sure how much they can see.

A FVA can tell supporters more about how much the person can see and how this impacts upon them. Our assessment is carried out by specialist rehabilitation workers and will suggest support strategies to better assist individuals. It should be noted that a functional vision assessment will complement the clinical eye test carried out by an optometrist.

Person-centred habilitation/rehabilitation programmes - We can provide person-centred rehabilitation/habilitation support for people who have sight loss and multiple disabilities. It may first be necessary to complete a full rehabilitation assessment, including a Functional Vision Assessment. A rehabilitation plan will then be produced and agreed by our qualified specialist rehabilitation workers at the start of the programme, and the plan will be monitored and reviewed at agreed intervals.

Speech and language therapy

Bespoke Assessments - SeeAbility’s Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) team is able to provide bespoke assessments on behalf of people with learning disabilities, multiple disabilities and sensory impairments.

Each assessment will be person-centred, making use of assessment tools and, when necessary, supported by other members of our specialist support team to take into account the person’s sensory needs.

The team can advise on communication tools, techniques and equipment.

Optometry – working with people with learning disabilities

SeeAbility has a successful record of working with optometrists and health care professionals to enable people with learning disabilities access to equitable and quality eye health care services.

Adults with learning disabilities are ten times more likely to have a serious sight problem but less likely to receive the eye care they require.

SeeAbility is working with LOCSU, Local Optical Committees, Local Eye Health Networks and Clinical Commissioning Groups to increase access to eye care and vision services. This includes sight tests, wearing glasses and access to treatment for eye conditions.

SeeAbility’s Eye Care and Vision team are able to provide a range of bespoke consultancy for optometrists and other health providers, such as health facilitators, including:

  • Advising on the current accessibility of local eye care services for people with learning disabilities
  • Providing solutions to increase accessibility of eye care services
  • Offering guidance on how to implement the LOCSU Eye Care Pathway for Adults with Learning Disabilities


To enquire about any of our training and consultancy services, please email: Email address [email protected]