It is important that you find out as much information as possible about what the optometrist found during the eye test. We advise asking the optometrist to fill in our form:

Download Feedback from my optometrist

If glasses have been prescribed, it is very important that they are well fitting, and that the person gets good support to get used to wearing their glasses. Please see our factsheets on wearing glasses.

With the person’s agreement, this information should be shared with other carers or staff members, key people in their life and included in their support plan, Health Action Plan and medical notes.

You can also download and use our Vision Passport to record and share information on what the person can see, what eye care they require and what helps them to be independent.

Easy read download Vision Passport

Not happy?

Our easy read factsheet will tell you what should have happened at your eye test and what to do now you are not happy with your eye test or glasses:

Easy read download If things go wrong