16-year-old Abigail spent ten years where school was nothing but a blurred world, all she needed was a simple pair of glasses.

At the age of six, she had a hospital eye clinic appointment but her mum was advised it wasn’t worth giving Abigail glasses because of her autism.

A blurred education

Abigail being fitted with her glasses

Children with autism are less likely to be able to tell someone they have a problem with their eyes.

When SeeAbility gave Abigail a sight test at her special school in east London, they found she had a very high prescription of -8.00D. It meant that Abigail hadn’t seen clearly for her entire education.

The charity gave her a new pair of glasses with a stronger frame and regularly checks that they are comfortable and being worn. Abigail's mum said:

If I’d have known how strong Abigail’s prescription was when we went to the eye clinic I’d have challenged her not needing a pair of glasses. I strongly feel that Abigail would have benefited from an early introduction to glasses. Every child with learning disabilities should have access to sight tests and glasses so they can get the education they deserve.