Gary is running the London Marathon

Gary Paine

Running for SeeAbility's great cause motivates me to do the 26 miles.

Chrishanti, Matt & Anca run the Royal Parks

Anca Popescu

We're running a half marathon and trying to finish before the guy dressed up as a Dinosaur ...they're aaaaalways at a running event!!

Daniel Ivey's SeeAbility fundraising page

Daniel Ivey

I am running the London Marathon for SeeAbility.

Amanda Gates is raising money for SeeAbility

Amanda Gates

Running my first London Marathon in 2018 to raise money and awareness for SeeAbility

A cowboy, an astronaut and a unicorn do the Brighton Half

Anca Popescu

There are many people in our world who have to work harder and rely on additional support to achieve goals that you or I may more easily accomplish. SeeAbility helps a lot of individuals to reach those goals. This is definitely worth supporting.