The group originated from Millennium Centre staff Peter Delafond and Hannah Stuart discussing the possibility of a Christmas panto. Hannah got to work and wrote a script for Cinderella. Staff and service users rehearsed in their spare time and in December 2004 performed Cinderella at the Millennium Centre in front of a packed audience.

The performance went down so well that a drama group was quickly formed and the following month the ‘Wild Cats’ were born. The name was suggested by original member Anne Grindrod and fellow Wild Cat Tom Lunnon proposed that the group become the Wild Cats Dramatic Society. Sadly Tom, a keen thespian and passionate about drama, passed away last year and is greatly missed.

Many of the original 2004 members including, Anne Docwra, Anne Grindrod, Ann Courtman, Phil Ogden, John and Elaine Evans, Bruce Martin and Hannah Stuart are still performing. Peter Mills and Patsy O’Brien were later additions and this year David Jenkins joined. The group perform two plays a year at two Leatherhead venues - SeeAbility’s Millennium Centre and the Fairfield Day centre. Anne Docwra said:

I feel really proud that we perform two plays a year to audiences. I feel like I have really achieved something

Over the years the Wild Cats have performed The Mikado, Pirates of Mole Valley, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Builders, My Fair Lady and Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Wild Cats goes beyond a drama group as it promotes self-confidence, self-worth and teamwork to its members. The group experiments with voice projection and accents and all these things enable them to empathise with others and gain new experiences. Member Phil Odgen said:

 I really enjoy being in the drama group. I am amongst friends and feel safe. When we perform it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside