We're proud to launch SeeAbility’s inaugural lecture ‘Equal citizens in an inclusive society’ at The Google Digital Skills Academy in London, on Thursday, 20 September 2018.

We're delighted to have two inspiring speakers who have offered their time to share their personal experiences of promoting inclusion and to discuss solutions for making positive change:

  • Amar Latif, British entrepreneur, founder of Traveleyes and prime-time presenter of Channel 4’s ‘How to get fit fast’.

    Read Amar Latif’s fascinating interview with SeeAbility where he talks about his life and adventures as founder of Traveleyes and how he challenges perceptions of disability every day.

  • Marianne Waite of ThinkDesignable, Forbes 2017 - 30 Under 30 Listed, Woman of The Future Award for Media 2017.

    Marianne believes people look to brands to affect positive social change. Read Marianne's interview with Lisa Hopkins, CEO of SeeAbility about her ambitions to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people.

This is the first in a series of SeeAbility lectures that will feature thought-provoking discussions on important issues that affect us all.