Young Formula 1 fan Sadick realised one of his dreams earlier in the month by attending the 2015 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The 26-year-old was supported for the day by Henry Eze, who managed to secure tickets via the Silverstone personal assistant ticket scheme. 

Sadick has Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis which means that his body twists and leans to the left side. He uses a wheelchair at all times and has physical difficulties which means that he has no verbal communication. He lives at SeeAbility’s Surrey Support Service in Surbiton, a 24-hour shared service for young adults with profound multiple disabilities and sight loss.

Despite his lack of communication, his support workers realised very quickly about his love for racing. Sadick usually finds it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time, but watches every Grand Prix in its entirety, beaming throughout. 

To remind him of their upcoming trip Henry showed Sadick a video of last year’s Grand Prix, which got him very excited. His excitement continued on the day with his favourite CD playing on the journey up to Silverstone and the pre-race entertainment at the venue which included loud music and jet airplanes. Henry said:

I was a little concerned at first because Sadick doesn’t like loud or frightening sounds, but when he was offered ear plugs he actually laughed out loud - he wanted to really enjoy the atmosphere. I was surprised how close our seats were to the circuit. I have never supported Sadick to a racing event and he was very happy every time the cars whizzed past! 

Despite a bad start and wet conditions late on, the race was won by current world champion Lewis Hamilton to the delight of the home crowd. 

It was a great day, a chance for Sadick to experience an event he truly loves!