Three artists - Annette Pain (SeeAbility volunteer), Marina Jurjevic and Hannah Stuart (SeeAbility Volunteer Coordinator) - all from the art co-operative AHM came back to SeeAbility's Millennium Centre garden to update the large mural on one of the garden walls.

We decided to add more colours to make it more vibrant and alive to reflect the growth in the garden and the changing shapes. All the colours were especially chosen for visual impairment, with lots of colour contrast. We looked at the plants in the garden and used them as inspiration, abstracting their shape and form. The composition was inspired by the French artist Matisse and the colourful cut outs which he did in his later period,

      says Hannah.

A tactile version is being created, which is at the side of the mural. Annette is coming to the Millennium Centre to run a series of workshops with the individuals so they can explore the shapes, try out the stencils and make their own version of the mural using mixed media.

Annette has just exhibited in the exhibition “Current State” at BA degree exhibition at Kingston College. Marina and Hannah are exhibiting at the “Summer Salon” at Islington Arts Factory, London from 10 June to 1 July 2016.