Judith sits in a garden and smiles at the cameraWhat made you want to take on the Morocco trek?

Well I have always supported SeeAbility as our son lives at Barclay House. He’s been there for many years and he’s always been given a good quality of life. I’ve got a lot of energy and I rather like walking, so when I saw the opportunity to take part in the Morocco trek it seemed a perfect opportunity for me. We have done some fundraising back in 1990 but haven’t had a chance to do anything since.

What are you most excited about for fundraising in aid of SeeAbility?

I’m excited to combine my lifelong enjoyment of walking with the chance of assisting visually impaired travellers to take on a mountain. I’ve had some previous experience of walking with visually impaired people, as once a year my rambling club support a group of blind ramblers who come up from London. We go on a six to seven mile walk and it’s always very enjoyable. It always amazes me how well people with sight loss can actually find their way around without sight; when we came up to stiles with this group of ramblers, it was a simple case of describing the stile to them, and they would climb over. No other help needed! Obviously a walk up a mountain is a bit different from that, and perhaps more of a challenge.

I’m also excited about the trip to Morocco itself. I’ve travelled to lots of different countries but I’ve never actually been to Morocco, so I’m excited to see the country and meet the people in the Berber areas.

How are you preparing for the trip?

Well I’m going on the Chilterns three peaks challenge, which is about 20 miles from Princes Risborough along to Ivinghoe. That should be a decent preparation for the trek, but there is a bus if we start to get really desperate.

And how are you fundraising?

I’m using my local church for some of my fundraising – I’ve got it into the newsletter. The church have been really good, and they’re actually including SeeAbility in their Christmas collection. Every year they divide the pot into three, with a third going towards a local charity, a third to a national charity and a third to an international charity. SeeAbility are being included as the national charity this year.

What are you nervous about?

I’m not really nervous about the walk - I’m much more nervous about the airport!

Finally, what will be the one ‘luxury’ item you can’t be without on the trip?

A packet of Werther’s Original!

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