…..it doesn't take sight, but vision, and a spirit of adventure to explore the world…

Dr Brian Miller, visually impaired traveller

Sighted guides helping visually impaired trekkers cross a river

This year is an extra special one for us – it’s our 220th birthday! Since 1799 we’ve been working hard to support people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss to life the lives they want to live. To celebrate this historic year, we’re off to Morocco! We’re pairing up visually impaired and sighted adventurers on a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.

We've partnered with TV’s Amar Latif - (of ‘How to get fit fast’ and ‘Travelling Blind’ fame) and his company Traveleyes - to offer a unique challenge. Our trekkers with sight loss will be showing our sighted trekkers how to explore the world in a whole new way, using all their other senses. They will travel together and support each other to discover the authentic rural culture of Morocco.

If you would like to cheer our amazing Morocco trekking team on and donate to support our work, please click here. To find out more about how we support people with learning disabilities and sight loss to achieve things they never thought possible, read our stories.


Join the adventure

Our visually impaired trekkers are climbing mountains to help people with learning disabilities & sight loss live life to the full.

But if you want to make a difference you don’t have to climb mountains! Show your support by inviting your friends to explore their senses at a special themed evening! Download our sensory pack and be a part of #TeamMorocco!


A beautiful scene in the Atlas mountains. There is a lot of greenery and a river, with mountain peaks in the background A powerful waterfall churns up mist Large tubs of different spices
Bowls of different food and dips Moroccan tagines with raised patterns on sit on a shelf Sighted guides supporting visually impaired trekkers to cross a river


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