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We need to raise £38,800 to provide new technology, sensory equipment and home adjustments across our services, which will enable greater independence and lead to happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives for the people we support.

Donations will be doubled between midday Tuesday 3rd December and midday Tuesday 10th December 2019 throughout the Big Give matched funding campaign.


The Need

Joanne is supported in SeeAbility’s Heather House. She has a rare neurological condition called ‘alternating hemiplegia of childhood’, which results in frequent episodes of weakness. Her physiotherapist Anna explains:

When Joanne is feeling pain or she’s stressed or tired or very happy, her brain cannot cope and she has an episode.

When Joanne is having an episode she experiences paralysis on one side of her body. This can be dangerous if she is standing as she is likely to fall. Even if Joanne is sitting at the time, her body can twist in painful spasms.


Joanne uses a hand cycle to exercise and build up her musclesThe Solution

It’s vital that Joanne keeps building on her physical abilities because they can be easily lost. Using specialist gym and mobility equipment helps to restore Joanne’s mobility and maintains her ability to sit unsupported, change positions in bed and walk with minimal support. 

Anna explains:

If you’re sitting all the time, your brain thinks you don’t need your feet and they start losing their range of movement. Joanne can walk so we need to make sure she keeps walking, to prevent her getting deformities in her legs and to keep her independent.


The Impact

Active technology in the gym has allowed Joanne to exercise her muscles fully and she is responding well to her gym sessions. Joanne is a big fan of the trampoline, which enables her to exercise her core muscles and make small adjustments to maintain balance. This vital equipment is helping Joanne to maintain and even improve her mobility, meaning that she is able to maintain her level of independence.


You can make Joanne rides the joint bike with physio Annaa difference!

Specialised sensory and mobility equipment enables greater accessibility and helps the people we support to learn new skills, experience joy and achieve greater independence. Technology enables the people we support to express themselves, communicate with loved ones and be better connected to their communities. Home adjustments and improvements mean that the people we support can socialise, exercise and improve their health and wellbeing.

With your support we can help the people we support claim their independence and achieve their ambitions.


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