Sue Parish is the Joint Interim Director of Operations, a role she fills alongside her position of Regional Service Manager (RSM) for Hampshire. Before joining the team, Sue worked for The Meath Epilepsy Charity in Godalming and then for Independence Homes, a charity based in Croydon for people with complex needs and epilepsy. Her comprehensive experience working alongside people with this neurological condition has allowed SeeAbility to become more adept at supporting people with epilepsy and for our support staff to access the training they need.

As well as being one herself, Sue oversees SeeAbility's RSMs as part of her Joint Interim Director of Operations position, which she shares with Shirley Saunders. She likes to work as part of a team so that SeeAbility can achieve the best outcomes.

Outside of SeeAbility, Sue enjoys tending to her vegetable patch and looking after their four chickens with the help of her son, John.