Interactive and accessible training sessions about eye care for people with a learning disability

Delivered by Scott Watkin BEM - our expert by experience - this interactive eye health event for people with learning disabilities enables people and their supporters to learn about eye care and vision.

Scott delivers a presentation at a Look Here event in Aylesbury

What do you do at a Look Here event?

  • Understand why eye care is so important
  • Practice what happens at the eye test  
  • Practice wearing glasses
  • Practice cleaning glasses
  • Learn about eye problems for people with a learning disability
  • Experience what is it like for people who can’t see well
  • Practice using other senses
  • Look at equipment and support for people who can’t see well
  • Take part in a quiz with a prize for the winning team!

Who are Look Here events for?

A Look Here event can be purchased by advocacy services, support providers and organisations involved in health promotion. It can be tailored to your needs and gives people with learning disabilities valuable information about eye care and vision in an accessible way, encouraging them to share these messages with others.

Learners will have access to a range of free easy read resources about eye care and vision, which will support them to put learning into action. You may also be interested in joining SeeAbility’s Peer Educator Network.

What have people said?

“I learnt how much you have to trust people when you cannot see anything,”

     a self advocate

"I really enjoyed today, I learnt how to clean my glasses properly and Scott was great!" 

     a self advocate