Desiree D’Souza heads up SeeAbility’s enthusiastic fundraising team that works hard to raise voluntary income for our specialist support work and innovative eye care programmes targeting people with learning disabilities and autism.

Desiree is an experienced fundraising leader with a specialism in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies, trusts and foundations. Over nearly 15 years, many of these have been transformational in creating new opportunities and skills for people with disabilities and building inclusive communities in the UK and around the world.

As SeeAbility’s Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Desiree is passionate about raising awareness of the amazing work that SeeAbility does. Her focus is on ensuring this leads to further support from members of the public, local families and communities, strategic funders and high profile individuals. 

Outside of work, and since recently moving out of London, Desiree enjoys exploring the Sussex countryside (and getting to grips with country life!) with her young daughter and husband.