Your donation today could help stop the unfairness that is depriving thousands of disabled children of a specialist sight test and the eye care they desperately need.

Lana is eleven and cannot move or speak. She can only communicate with her eyes. If her eyesight isn't cared for, a huge part of her potential could be wasted. Thankfully she attends one of the schools visited by our team, who diagnosed Lana's sight loss and prescribed the glasses she needs to use a high-tech communication device.

Every day, children are missing out on the world, simply because they have never had an eye test. The complex needs of children in special schools require a team of specialists, a far cry from a normal experience at the opticians.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about our Children in Focus appeal and for helping to give this vulnerable group of children an equal right to sight. Currently, SeeAbility relies on your generosity to largely fund the sight tests we carry out in special schools. The more work we carry out, the closer we are to ensuring every child has an equal right to sight.